About the Company

Saudi owned, the Online Company for information technology was launched in 2003.

Its activities and experiences have been devoted to provide the latest innovative IT solutions which are appropriate to the spirit of this era and its requirements. There has been also great attention in the trustful performance and fulfilling the needs.

Thanks to God and then to our customers' confidence, the company has progressed and become one of the pioneers in information technology. The company's work team has a comprehensive vision to provide the customer's requirements and the best services in the nearest time possible.

Clients Testimonials

Qassim Universty

“ Company is committed in time, distinct in their work and ideas, the continuity in the development. ”

Saudi Flags

“ Great deal and designs beautiful, really proud of its presence. ”


Our solutions

  • internet applications services
  • e-commerce solutions
  • human resources solutions
  • e-government solutions
  • security solutions
  • saving information solutions
  • meetings systems solutions
  • educational and academic solutions

Our services

  • Internet applications services
  • Technical consultations services
  • Systems linking services
  • Providing human resources services
  • Microsoft applications services
  • Maintenance and technical support services



Our customers

Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Qassim

Content Management System, Technical Support System, Recruitment System, Training System, Services and Maintenance System , SMS System, Data Center Configuration, Internal Web Gate.

Deanship of Scientific Research of Qassim University

Researcher system to automate all of the Deanship of Scientific Research ,Research Outcome System.

Saudi Electricity Company

Permissions the Delivery of Electricity System.

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Contact Information

Online Information Technology.

Saudi Arabia

Telphone : 920021120

Fax : 06-3819797

Mobile : 0554255229

Mobile : 0504882388

Email : info@olit.net

Our customers

Department of Education in Qassim
Cisco Enterprise Wireless Solutions , Preparation Data Center .

Qassim Heath
Hospital Information System in Bedaeaa hospital ,Cisco Enterprise Lan Solutions in Bedaeaa hospital.

Qassim Unversity
Content Management System of Deanship of Admission and Registration,Registration Language of Deanship of Admission and Registration.

Our customers

STC In Qassim
Internal reporting system.

Qassim Unversity
Portal for colleges and departments and faculty members of Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences.

Society Teaching the Holy Quran in Buraidah
Content Management System

Our customers

Institute for girls of the Qur'an
Content Management System,Registration and Results System

Saudi Flags Co
Content Management System, View products and manage orders System

Gulf Makers Co
Content Management System, View products and manage orders System

Our customers

Water Clubs Co
Content Management System

Qassim Unversity
Content Management System of Public Relations and Media, SMS System ,Phonebook System

College of Education for Girls
Cisco Enterprise Lan Solutions, Data Center Configuration